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We are committed to helping our community raise healthy, un-medicated families and we periodically have events in the office to make it easier for YOU to help get your friends and family on a path to better health through chiropractic. We update this page frequently so keep checking back to see what’s happening in the office.

Take a look at Dr. Matteo’s video, as he tells you why spines of all sizes need adjustments to make sure their nervous system is operating at its highest level

Watch an infant adjustment in this video with 6 month old Peter, hear Claudia talk about her experience with her son Christian and listen to Dr. John talk about his first chiropractic experience

Sophia was getting ear infections so frequently the doctors wanted to put tubes in her ears, her digestion was being affected so much by the antibiotics they wanted to do more invasive procedures. Find out how Chiropractic helped her recover without the aid of antibiotics or ear tubes

Need more proof? Watch our Khiropractic Kids video of just some of the little spines we’ve adjusted- from a few weeks to 5 years old! Every spine needs to stay in line!!


“I am so happy to know everyone here at California Sports & Family Chiropractic. A visit to this office is not only good for my body but for my spirit as well!”

- Victoria F.

“By keeping my back aligned, I am more motivated to workout since I am not in pain. Overall Chiropractic Care has helped keep me happy and healthy!”

- D. Chan

“I am more alert and energized overall. Also my headaches have improved, I have experienced less allergies and my immune system has improved.”

- Imelda M.

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