He can hardly believe how much better he feels
Kate Mayott, my massage therapist, introduced me to Dr. John. I was having sciatic nerve pain. She suggested I introduce myself to Dr. John. I'm very happy with my results. A year ago, Mark, my boyfriend had severe back issues. he did not believe in Chiropractic but took my suggestion to work with Dr. John. He can hardly believe how much better he feels.
- Mark & Kris

Migraines and Headaches under control
I originally came to Dr. John looking for some help with my back and hip, bt through careful diagnosis and attentive care he has also helped me dramatically with my migraine headaches. I used to get migraines very frequently, and when I did they were severe and long lasting. It was not unusual for me to sit in my house when it was daylight with sunglasses on or to find me in bed in the middle of the day on the weekend because I could not funciton. Working while having them was even worse. I had many perscriptions that helped but they were expensive, and no one in my medical group seemed interested in finding out why I was getting migraines. I was really interested in getting off of those medications because my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a while and cannot take those medications while you are pregnant. Only since I have been seeing Dr. John have I gone so long between having any headaches. When I do get the occassional headache, they are much less severe and go away sooner which has made a huge difference in just being able to live every day life. I am so happy to know everyone here at California Sports & Family Chiropractic. A visit to this office is not only good for my body but for my spirit as well!
- Victoria F.

Chiropractic Care Keeps Me Happy and Healthy
Chiropractic has been wonderful in keeping me feeling good and staying healthy. I workd in the veterinary field and when it comes to handling big dogs and sometimes- fiesty cats, I need my back and body feeling good so I don't hurt myself or endanger the animals if I cannot restrain them correctly. By keeping my back alighned, I find it easier to workout and am more motivated to workout since I am not in pain. Also, I have noticed that I do not get ill as much either. Overall Chiropractic Care has helped keep me happy and healthy!
- D. Chan

Living A Healthy Lifestyle
I see Dr. Ulrich regularly to maintain my good health and posture. He has taught me so much about living a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Ulrich's team is terrific and a great pleasure to visit.
Thanks Everybody!
- G. Warner

Overall Healthy
Thank you Dr. John. My cholesterol was up to 211. My triglyceride level was 165. After attending the Health Empowerment Class and learning about the importance of nutrition and good eating habits, I was able to lower my cholesterol to 172 and my triglyceride level to 123. I was surprised at how easy it was to change my eating habits and improve my health. Now I have a feeling of control over my health, rather than just taking blood pressure and cholesterol pills.

P.S. If there are any of your patients who have not attended your Health Empowerment Class please use my testimonial to encourage them. What you and Dr. Matteo teach could literally save people's lives.
- M. Johnson

My Hip Pain is Gone
I came to see you for severe pain in my left hip. I am a machinist and stand for 8-12 hours every day so this was severely affecting my job and my mood at home. My medical doctor put me on 600mg of prescription ibuprofen which I took every single day for over five years. I know the damage this can cause to my liver and other organs. I started getting adjusted by you, and after only six months of treatment, my pain was completely gone. The reason I am writing this to you is because my medical doctor called me yesterday to ask if I needed my prescription refilled. I couldn't believe it. I suddenly realized I had not taken the pills in over six months. My wife, my liver, and I thank you very much.
- A. Astero

Increased Energy, Headaches Improved, My TMJ problem is almost gone
I can definitely say my jaw issue has improved. I am now able to open my mouth without as much pain and much less clicking. My stress level decreased and energy increased, especially less bloating during my cycle. My neck, shoulders, jaw and lower back have responded well to chiropractic care. I find that I "need" less coffee because I am more alert and energized overall and with the introduction of supplements into my daily lifestyle. Also my Headaches have improved, I have experienced less allergies and I don't easily get sick anymore because my immune system has improved. Thanks Dr. Papi!!
- Imelda M.

Addicted to being healthy

I've visited many chiropractors over the years. However, the results only lasted a few days. Combining Dr J's adjustment touch, plus traction has meant the world to me.
I used to need pain pills to relieve my back pain, however I figured that the pills would lead to a dead end, since I would become addicted to them. Now I am addicted to being healthy without the pain meds. I don't have perfect posture, but I know that with time and effort I will come close to the way God wants my body to be.
- Philip L.

Body and wellness awareness
I've been receiving chiropractic care for the last 25 years for health and treatment of severe degenerative disc disease and other joint related conditions. When in my early 40's a doctor looked at an MRI of my spine and said if she didn't know any better, she would have thought I came into the building in a wheelchair. I've been able to enjoy my very active children, workout, practice yoga and even sit through very long meetings thanks to chiropractic care. Dr. John also sees my children and because of this, they have keen body and wellness awareness. They too appreciate the well-being that comes from partnering in health with California Chiropractic!
- J. S.

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